The Village

  1. Aircraft have priority over the cars. If an aircraft arrives when you are in a car on the taxiway you must leave the taxiway by using a property entrance. 
  2. Before taxying an aircraft to or from a property you must transmit on 123.50 Mhz and listen out for other aircraft on the taxiway. Only commence taxying once you are sure that no other aircraft will conflict.
  3. All visiting pilots must fill in the airfield logbook which is located in the box near the fuel pump by the Aeroclub or e-mail
  4. The speed limit on the taxiway for cars and aircraft is 30 km/h.
  5. When approaching the barriers reduce your speed and wait until they open completely. Open both sets of barriers by using remote control - Guests must contact the resident they are visiting for assistance.

Arial Views taken January 2013

Several Arial views from 2006